How to Contribute Art

What to work on:

We have a list of art needs in our "Help Wanted" forum. Please check there for ideas. You can also look for graphics in-game that are obviously placeholders (black texture with some white text). We would prefer to replace those first, rather than replacing other art people have contributed. Also, whenever you start work on something from our help wanted list, please make a post informing us that you are working on it. That way other artists can avoid working on the same file as you. We need all the art we can get, so the less duplication the better! Please also post your progress, so if you stall out or decide not to finish it up (for whatever reason), others know to continue.

Copyright issues:

Obviously, we need to be careful of copyright violations. If you believe you have found a copyright violation in our artwork, please contact me (dthulson[at] and we will work to resolve it. If you contribute artwork, we prefer completely original works. If you base your work off something else, you need to make sure we have permission to redistribute it. For example, images based on still captures of movies are definitely not acceptable. When you send us a contribution, please mention where you got the files you based your work on, as well as why you believe we are allowed to redistribute it.


We haven't quite figured out how to license art people contribute to us. Please help us discuss it in our forum thread.

Where to send art:

Email your art contributions to dthulson[at] Please include your full name (not just a screenname) and email address. We will give you credit in our README file. We prefer to give people credit by real name, although if that is an issue please let us know when you submit a contribution. If you contributed art, but we forgot to give you credit, please let us know. We didn't mean to slight you, we're just forgetful!


Format: .obj


  • Please do not use materials
  • Save texture as .png


Format: .png

Resolution: As high as you can (within reason; anything over 2048x2048 is just overkill). It's easy for us to make an image smaller, but we can't really enlarge an image decently.


  • If you are contributing a background, please do not include the Crown and Cutlass logo in the image. We often have to shrink backgrounds to make them an acceptable size. We can add the text in separately, which allows us to use a sharper image for the text. (Do include a lower resolution jpg of where you would like logo to go, if you have an idea.) This will help us get the highest in-game quality possible.
  • If you are contributing a background, please send it in a standard 4x3 resolution (preferably 1600x1200), rather than as a square image that opengl can use directly. We can resize it so it works in opengl.