Crown and Cutlass Wiki Moved
2008-01-11 14:11 - Crown and Cutlass
We are now using the wiki, so the Crown and Cutlass Wiki has moved to
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Crown and Cutlass Development Blog
2006-11-29 15:14 - Crown and Cutlass
We have started a blog as an informal way to communicate our progress. We plan to continue to use news updates for major announcements, but use the blog to give a better window into what we are working on between milestones. You can read it at
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Project Update
2006-05-05 11:23 - Crown and Cutlass
Despite our lack of updates lately, we are still working on our redesign of Crown and Cutlass. We were planning on writing a much more powerful graphics system, but have since decided to make sure of an open source graphics engine. We are in the process of evaluating our options. We have looked at Irrlicht, Lightfeather, and OGRE so far. Read more for additional information about our graphics engine search.
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Subversion Beta
2006-01-27 11:40 - Crown and Cutlass
We are participating in the SourceForge Subversion beta test. While we haven't had opportunity to do a lot of testing yet, so far it has been very positive. One of the improvements over CVS is that our commits are available to the read-only users instantly. You can read more (and browse the repository) at Please let us know if you have feedback, so we can pass it on to SourceForge if necessary.
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Crown and Cutlass Wiki
2005-12-21 13:03 - Crown and Cutlass
We have installed a wiki on our new website. Currently, we are using it as kind of a white board for development. If you are interested in what we are thinking and where we are heading check out
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